Mountain Amateur Radio Club
General Information

The Mountain Amateur Radio Club (MARC) was established to promote the hobby of Amateur Radio. The club meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00 P.M. at the Woodland Park Library in Woodland Park, Co. Membership in MARC is open to anyone interested in amateur radio, and membership does not require an amateur radio license. A club roster, membership application, as well as information on dues can be found here. MARC does have a club call sign, NXØG, which is used in special events put on by the club. MARC is also an affiliated club of the American Radio Relay League.

The club owns and operates a linked repeater system, providing coverage for Teller county, as well as coverage for El Paso county, north to Denver, south down to Alamosa and beyond, and west into Park and Lake counties.
Internet service at Tranquil Acres and Tenderfoot repeater sites, provided by Teller WiFi -   

Badger Mountain

146.685MHz -

Woodland Park

146.820MHz -

448.650MHz -

Colorado Springs

447.475MHz -

Cripple Creek

147.015MHz +

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Each of the repeaters utilize a CTCSS code of 107.2 Hz. While the tone is not always necessary on the input, each repeater does send out the tone continuously. Utilizing the Encode/Decode feature in this manner, it helps cut down on interference on personal radios from various transmitters near the repeaters. It is advisable to always emit the tone from your radio, just in case the repeaters need to be toned up at some point due to interference.


Kit Haskins has developed a coverage map for three of the MARC repeaters:

Tranquil Acres, Tenderfoot, and Badger

Unfortunately, there aren't many points of reference (cities, etc.) on the map. The larger image helps with the topography a bit.

Click image to load a larger version or click here to download a PDF copy

If you would REALLY like to see some detail, try Google Earth and download any of these files.
        820        685        015

The MARC newsletter, the Communicator, has been discontinued, but is being maintained on the website, for your reference. MARC holds VE sessions on the first Saturday of the odd numbered months. MARC has also designed and built a Portable Emergency & Club Station. More information can be found here.

Every Tuesday evening at 7:30 P.M., a net is held on the repeater system. This net is a combined effort between MARC and the Park County Radio Club (PCRC) to provide a forum for the members of the club to get together and share thoughts, ideas, and information of interest to the members of the two clubs, as well as to the ham radio community in general. All amateurs are invited and encouraged to check into and participate in this net. Members of either club are welcome to be net controls. If you are interested in running the net some night, please contact Greg (KØMGL). An Adobe Acrobat version of the net script is here.  

The MARC Campfest is a relaxed family-oriented campout/swapfest which is usually held on the last full weekend of August in the Lake George area.

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