Mountain Amateur Radio Club
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Membership in the Mountain Amateur Radio Club (MARC) is open to anyone interested in the hobby of Amateur Radio. Membership in the club does not require an amateur radio license.

Membership dues for the club are $20.00 per year (January 1 to December 31). For those new members joining after January, dues are pro-rated at $1.67 per month through December 31.

Family members licensed and living at the same address as the primary member, are members at no extra cost.

More information on MARC may be found here.

A printable membership application may be found here. Please download this application, fill it in on your computer and email it, or postal mail it. Addresses are on the form. You can also mail your dues to the same address.


OR - you can now pay your dues with PayPal. Here is the button for a full year - (note $2 extra for PayPal fees) ($22 total)

       - and here is the button for a partial year. Choose the start month.

ProRate by Month

Membership Chairman: Bill Wallick (KCØFNV)