Mountain Amateur Radio Club
Winter Field Day 2021
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G’day MARC!

The 2021 Winter Field Day mission is in the bag, and I can report a good time was had by all.

Here are a few numbers:

And here is a complete log of the visitors:

  1. Dan Huber,                  KN0MAP     (overnight)
  2. Beth Huber,                 KN0EOD     (overnight)
  3. Ed Bretag,                   N0ZPX
  4. Steve Stowell,             N0SDS        (overnight)
  5. Adrienne Johnson,      KE0RQH     (overnight)
  6. Don Johnson,              K0DRJ        (overnight)
  7. Liz French
  8. Laird Johnson,             KD0VNV
  9. Carol Napier,                KC0ZMQ
  10. Mike Napier,                 K0MIS
  11. Sarah Stowell,                                 (overnight)
  12. Rob Vladimiroff,           K2VLD
  13. Claire Vladimiroff
  14. Curtis Cookson,           W0CEC
  15. Marcia Travers
  16. Linda Bretag
  17. Melissa Bretag
  18. Aneesa Bretag
  19. Deb Henderson,          KE0RQB

73 de KN0MAP, Dan