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Winter Field Day 2018
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We all had a great time out at Dean’s place participating in the 2018 Winter Field Day event. You missed a good one.

Logs have been submitted. Total was 62 SSB contacts on 3 bands, along with 4500 bonus points for operating outside, remote, with battery. There is also a 2x multiplier for working low power.

Highlights of the event:

Taking the time to speak with two new hams who are greatly interested in getting on the air w/ HF.

Setting up my “hamstick on a chair” and making contacts on 20 meters. It just worked.

Tuning my 40 meter wire dipole onto 80 meters and working the CO ARES and Post Office Nets on Sunday morning. Did get 3 valid contacts out of that!

Dean’s donated carpet made the EZ-Up with walls nice and cozy.

73 de KN0MAP

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