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  • From the estate of WD4FNY-SK

    Description: Henry 2K Classic X Amplifier,
    pair 3-500G tubes - 80-10M
    w/WARC HD power supply

    Not in production. MSRP: $2550
    Excellent Condition. Asking $1200

    More info:

    Questions -
  • 41’ Tip Over Tower.
    One 20’ section, one 10’ section, one 8’6” section and the op part that is 32”.
    It’s a tilt over, self supporting with a steel base approx 2’x2’x1/4” (heavy). All
    sections bolt together. Asking to get out what I have invested $150. I would
    even consider delivering it to Colorado Springs, Woodland Park or Pueblo.
    I can be reached via email at or voice & text at
    TNX 73’s Mike, KN5P

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